What is Self-Directed Support (SDS)?

If you have a care budget or care for someone who needs social care, we can help you to understand your options as to how this budget is managed and how the care is delivered.

Our SDS advocacy worker and SDS carers advocacy worker can support you in areas such as:

Self Directed Support
  • Eligibility for social care
  • Social care assessments
  • Care package reviews
  • Care planning
  • Helping people shape the provision of their social care
  • Support with issues around budgets and services

We can also offer support if you have been assessed as not eligible for care input from the Local Authority.

4 options to access the services

Option 1
A Direct Payment

When the payment is made direct and you organise support yourself.

Option 2
An Individual Service Fund

When you choose and direct your support and the CnES or another organisation arranges it all and handles the finances.

Option 3
CnES organised

When the CnES organises your care from their staff and from their preferred providers.

Option 4
A combination

A combination of any of the first 3.

“Thank you for all your help!! You have been amazing and have helped us so much! My mother and the rest of my family are all also very grateful for all your help. You are doing an amazing job! Well done!”
Self Directed Support Service User
“Thank you for your help.  I don’t know who else to ask”
Self Directed Support Service User
“Thanks for your help, I feel more confident going forward with SDS now. I will be in touch in the future I am sure!”
Self Directed Support Service User
“I was going to contact you pass on the family’s heartfelt thanks for all your wonderful support and advice particularly you always seemed to be there when we needed you. Even when sometimes we gave you a mountain to climb.”
Self Directed Support Service User
“Thank you for all you help and support……Thank you for all your endeavours in getting him this [additional SDS spend]. Very much appreciated.”
Self Directed Support Service User
“You have been fantastic. You’ve really listened and understood.”
Self Directed Support Service User
“We didn’t know that we could use our SDS to purchase equipment during Covid-19, but with Advocacy’s support we were able to approach our local authority to request a more flexible spend.”
Self Directed Support Service User
“it’s all turned out great X and that’s thanks to you – we wouldn’t have got this sorted without you and would still be struggling on our own.”
Self Directed Support Service User
“Thank you so much for all you have done for me, I feel stronger now, I wish I could show you more how thankful I am. I will stay in touch how I am getting on, Thank you!”
Self Directed Support Service User
“I’m still in Glasgow, home tomorrow and picking him up then. It’s been great. He’s been spoilt rotten…’a joy to have in the care home’!….Thanks again for all your help – much appreciated!”
Self Directed Support Service User